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Welcome to the Nonprofit Organization Japan Association of ICD Official Website.
We are the association of patients who had implanted ICD or CRT-D.
Our mission is to promote better social environment and more reliefs
for the life of ICD/CRT-D patients and their families.

>>> About Our Association

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>>> Chief Director

Takeshiro FUJITA

"Love and Life" is the theme of Japan Association of ICD.
"Love" which is for family, human and society...
"Life" which is protected by ICD and savable by CPR and AED...

It was in April of 2005, the season when the cherry blossoms are fully out, we have restarted our activities and received the recognition from Kyoto prefecture for the newly named and organized as the Nonprofit Organization Japan Association of ICD.

The number of ICD patients is increasing and its technology is progressing every year. We were a private organization that present study meetings and exchange meetings for patients and their family in Kyoto or Osaka area under the strong support of many physicians and manufacturers before the recognition but after now we hold our meetings nationally. Even though there are many kinds of patients association in all over the country, it is the fact that most of those are mainly holding closed study meetings about their own disease only and/or exchange meetings of each patient only. I also used to be a member of the patients association of diabetes before I begin to run this organization. However, it is nationally common circumstances that patients associations get declined within 4 to 5 years because of the mannerism in the contents of meeting.

Our activities became brisker when we proceed to the National Police Agency (NPA) to discuss the easing of driving policy for ICD patients who have no history of operate in their ICD devices. We had handed in a written opinion of doctor to the NPA on behalf of all ICD patients and it was before enforcement of road traffic law amendment in 2002. As we are informing in our magazines and website, our achievement is published in the statement of scientific society and it influenced a lot on today’s driving regulation.

Action plan of Japan Association of ICD is to provide and diffuse right knowledge about being an ICD patient but never mention the domain that suppose to be specialized by physicians.

We are going to develop our association with this theme and action plan for the sake of posterity more than before.

>>> Supreme Advisor

Chuichi KAWAI, MD

Professor emeritus
at Kyoto University

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>>> Board of Organization

Chief Director Takeshiro FUJITA
Vice Chief Director Yojiro HITOMI
Vice Chief Director Yoichi YAMADA
Standing Director Hiroshi NOMURA
Standing Director Kimiko FUKUMURA
Director Yasuko OKAI
Director Asuka HASEGAWA
Director Toshihisa TOYAMA
Director Masaharu SHIOMI
Director Yoshiko KANNO
Director Yasushi NISHIDA
Director Masao SHINDO
Chief Auditor Tamie NAITO
Auditor Kotaro ICHINARI
Auditor Yumiko FUNATSU

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